Counselling Session Options


If you want to have an In-Person counselling session at one of our Greater Vancouver locations, we have offices located in both North Vancouver, New Westminster and Yaletown. We offer flexible hours for your convenience. Hours that we book appointments are as follows:

New Westminster and North Vancouver hours:

    Monday-Friday:   9am – 9pm
    Saturday:   9am – 7pm
    Sunday:  9am – 7pm

Yaletown Hours:

    Monday:  2pm – 9pm
    Thursday:   9am – 9pm
11am – 5pm

Online Counselling

We are pleased to offer this easy and accessible option for those that find themselves in need of support and at the same time unable to get to our North Vancouver, New Westminster or Yaletown offices. Our clients have experienced great success both in couples counselling and individual counselling with all of our options.

At Steadfast Counselling, we believe that everyone should have the type of support that works best for their unique life style.

Online counselling using Skype or Google Hangouts* and is as close to In Person counselling as you can get.

Complete details about Steadfast’s Online Counselling option

* Google Hangouts requires a Gmail email account

Telephone Counselling

If a video call is not possible, a counselling session can also take place over the phone. Book an appointment using our online scheduler or call our office at 604-629-7108 to make arrangements.

Email Counselling

Email counselling is an additional option. It is a way to get the benefits of In Person counselling when our In-Person, Skype or telephone options do not fit for you. You can write your counselor an email at your convenience. Your counselor will get back to you within 48 hours. Once your counselor receives your email and is ready to read it and respond they will start timing just as if they were with you in real time. We ask that all email clients prepay for one hour at a time. Your counselor will let you know when your next payment is due based on how much time they spend with each email.