Post Partum Counselling

For every woman, the contributing factors for their post-partum depression will vary. They can range from overly-high expectations due to cultural influences, unresolved issues resurfacing during a time of transition, the physiological impacts of hormone changes and lack of sleep, marital tensions, and in some cases, a pre-disposition to depression and anxiety. Some of the common feelings associated with PPD include self-criticism, lack of energy, bonding issues, lowered self-esteem and a loss of freedom. In other words, dealing with post partum depression can seem overwhelming without guidance and support. Some women may find that while they don’t have the classic signs of post partum depression, the arrival of their baby is nonetheless challenging. Referred to as PPA (post partum adjustment) women in this situation often find counselling sessions also help them understand the feelings they may be having.

Not only is PPD hard on mothers, it can have a real impact on the rest of the family as well as friendships, just at a time when a woman needs as much support from her loved ones as possible. Feelings of shame or inadequacy as a mother may inhibit some women from talking about their depression symptoms. They may end up denying any problems, as a way to conform to society’s expectations that all mothers be overjoyed with their new baby. They may feel they are just having an unusually long bout of the so-called ‘baby blues’, the mood swings common to many new mothers as their body undergoes rapid changes in its hormonal balance post-birth. But, it’s important for women who find themselves dealing with ongoing, or particularly intense negative emotions regarding themselves or their child, to look for outside help.

Counselling is a very effective means of helping mothers address their PPD symptoms. The guidance and input of a trained professional can be invaluable in helping PPD sufferers address both the symptoms and any underlying issues that may be contributing to their situation. The staff at Steadfast Counselling have extensive experience with post partum depression counselling. We have helped many moms face the challenges of a new baby with renewed enthusiasm, the right framework of skills, and the essential understanding to combat their PPD.


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