Online Counselling

Our professional counsellors are there for you – right where you are – via Skype or Google Hangouts*

online counselling


For individuals and couples, online counselling can be a very effective option. Consulting with a registered counsellor in real time with video calls is a smart use of technology to create the life you seek.


Online counselling works for people who:

  • Cannot get to one of our locations for a variety of reasons
  • Prefer the comfort of their own home or wherever they may be
  • Do not have the time to travel to and from an in-person appointment
  • Find it challenging to coordinate schedules with their partner to be in the same place at the same time
  • Have childcare or caregiving responsibilities
  • Are temporarily out of town (e.g. on business or on vacation)
  • Live in rural or remote areas or live outside of greater Vancouver area

Online counselling is extremely convenient. Online appointments with our registered counselors are available for days, evenings and weekends. Choose a time that works for you – for an hour, an hour and a half or two hours. Book your appointment in advance using our online scheduler or call our office at 604-629-7108. You will receive two confirmation emails – one shortly after you book your session and another 24 hours before your appointment.

“I’ve been meaning to email you to thank you for all your help last year with my anxiety related to flying. Even though we only had a few Skype sessions, the advice you gave was extremely helpful to me. Our flight to New Zealand was a big success, with only a low dose of medication taken. More recently, I have flown again without any medication which was very exciting for me. Thanks again for your support, patience and guidance.” K.T.

Rates for online counselling appointments are the same as in-person appointments. See Counselling Fees

We look forward to seeing you and are excited about working with you achieve what you want for yourself, your relationship and your life.

Payment for online counseling by Visa or Mastercard is arranged at the time of the session. PayPal and Interac transfer payments are made prior to the session.

“Thank you Laura for your insightfulness and gentle encouragement while supporting me through difficult transitions. I’m so grateful to be able to continue my sessions with you online which is as effective as when face to face. I was very pleasantly surprised that I felt as connected online as I do in person and it is also convenient.” V.N.

New client forms must be completed and emailed to Steadfast Counselling 24 hours before your first session. The two forms are:

  • new client intake form
  • informed consent (select the form with your counsellor’s name on it)

Download the forms here and email to


* Google Hangouts requires a Gmail email account.