Counselling Services

Whatever your situation, and whether you need personal or interpersonal support contact us for counselling services. We can help. We can meet with you in person* in one of our four locations, on a secure video call online, or on the phone.

*During the COVID-19 public health emergency, in-person counselling sessions are suspended. However, all of our counsellors are available for phone and video sessions.

Here’s a list of the different types of counseling services that we offer.

General Counselling

We all have a certain amount of stress and pressure we are able to deal with. Once we hit our limit, then we will do something to make ourselves feel better. Our counsellors help identify the areas where you are struggling, suggest effective ways to deal with those situations, and offer you proven strategies to build the life you desire.  More information


Couples & Marriage Counseling

We can help you navigate your way through your relationship struggles and impasses so you both can create a more fulfilling, passionate and sustainable relationship. Our team of specialized relationship counsellors are highly trained in the latest methods and techniques and look forward to helping you build the relationship that works best for you. More information

EFT for Couples

Many couples find themselves stuck, trying unsuccessfully to deal with ongoing negative emotions and communications patterns dominated by conflict. Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples rebuilds the loving connection between two people. This method was developed in the mid-80s as a short-term strategy for helping couples get back on track quickly, and many have had excellent results with EFT, and have come to to better understand the issues both past and present impacting their relationship. If you and your partner’s attempts to address your issues just aren’t working, EFT can help you regain trust, improve communication, and create a positive, shared sense of purpose within your relationship. More information

Separation and Divorce Counselling

For couples that have made the hard decision to split up, counselling can make the process less confrontational and hurtful. For couples with children, a respectful, amicable break-up is even more important. Steadfast’s counsellors can work with you and your ex together or individually, so that you can make it through this painful and upsetting stage of your life in as positive a manner as possible. More information


Family Counselling

This is for families whose relationships and/or communication with each other have become strained, distant, or conflicted. As Virginia Satir says, relationships are the living links that join family members. Through exploring the many aspects of these relationships, you can come to an understanding of the family in which you now live and can create new vitality and experience the joy of being connected. More information

Counselling for Parents

Parenting is a journey unlike any other. Our children, always changing and growing, can be our greatest joy one moment and our biggest heartache the next. Helping them navigate the turbulent waters of youth means giving them a safe place to grow and flourish. An essential skill is learning how to think your way through a difficult situation, rather than simply reacting, or using your power and authority without considering its long-term impacts on your relationship with your children. It also means understanding your role as a parent, the various stages of development a child goes through on their path to adulthood, and the ways in which our own childhood experiences can have an impact on our parenting style. Steadfast’s counselors will help you understand these factors, explain ways to deal with both singular crises and everyday conflicts, and show you how to build the strong foundations of mutual respect and communication that are key ingredients for a healthy parent/child relationship. More information

Post Partum Counselling

Mothers are expected to be overjoyed at the birth of a new child. However, for an estimated one out of every six women, the arrival of their baby can be accompanied by post partum depression (PPD). Hormone changes, lack of sleep, and the challenges of taking care of a newborn can add up to what seems like an overwhelming challenge. A whole range of emotions, including anger, fear, feelings of inadequacy, and anxiety, can result. Counselling is considered a highly effective way to address post partum issues, providing women affected by PPD with essential support and communication. Steadfast’s Counsellors have extensive training and experience in this area, and will help you gain a greater understanding of your unique post partum experience. More information


Individual Counselling

People seek individual counselling for a number of reasons, whether it’s for personal growth, anxiety, depression, unresolved issues from the past, or needing support in a current relationship. Through the therapeutic process, an individual can come to a better sense of self, form richer relationships, get a feeling of greater belonging in the world, and live with more purpose. You don’t have to be in crisis to benefit from counselling. Even when things are going great, it can be worthwhile to take a look at your life and make sure you’re on a path that will take you toward long-term satisfaction and happiness. We can help you examine the challenges you face and take steps to ensure you keep living the satisfying life you deserve. More information.

Grief and Loss Counselling

Loss is inevitable. At some point we all experience the pain of loss. It can be losing a loved one, or a job, or a momentous transition in your life, such as when your children first move away from home. But in many ways, the feelings that come from each situation share many characteristics. Counselling is an ideal way to work through your loss, come to terms with the change in your life, and emerge better equipped to grieve, to accept the reality of the loss, and move forward with cherished memories rather than unfinished business. More information.

Trauma Counselling

Trauma shows up differently for different people. The effect of trauma may be present on a regular basis, or it may lie under the surface and bubble up when triggered. In either case, trauma can interfere with daily life and derail achieving your goals. With a counsellor’s skills and training, they can guide you, in a safe manner, through your own personal healing process. More information.

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