For Counsellors

Laura Bradley’s Clinical Supervision for Counsellors

Counselling supervision is strongly recommended for all counsellors. Your continued learning not only benefits you, but also benefits your clients.

Most counsellors require ongoing supervision or training to maintain their standing with their licencing board. As well, the province of British Columbia is moving towards a provincial regulatory board which will include supervision for all counsellors as part of the criteria for entry and to maintain good standing.

About Laura

Laura Bradley coaches a variety of psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists on how to create a healthy private practice business. Laura has dual assets in people/therapeutic skills matched with a business background. With these skills, Laura has created a successful private practice. Steadfast Counselling is a place where relationships matter. Laura and her team of counsellors are passionate about helping people be fully engaged in their lives and their relationships. Evidence of Laura’s success can be found in her long-term alliances with companies and a long list of happy clients that refer their families and friends to her.

“When I entered private practice, Laura was the first person I contacted for supervision. Laura always asks great questions that support me to be in the best position to support my clients. I know that Laura will be mindful of considering my ethical and legal responsibilities, as well my therapeutic goals. She offers a great perspective and real ability to help me move forward with clients I am feeling stuck or unsure of. Each time I complete a supervision session with Laura I feel re-inspired; whether to try something I hadn’t considered before or to relax in knowing that I am on track. She makes private practice less scary.” –C.B.

As a Registered Counselling Supervisor and Master Therapeutic Counsellor who has worked in the counselling field since 1992, Laura offers competency-based supervision for counsellors, including:

  • Collaborative working environment
  • Boundaries and ethics
  • Transference, Counter Transference and parallel process
  • Setting profession goals
  • Assessment and Evaluation, and
  • Solid, skillful emotional support.

“My supervision experience with Laura Bradley has always been extremely helpful and insightful. Not only does she help me to see the issue from many different angles, her experience and knowledge have always been a huge asset to me and most importantly my clients. I would highly recommend Laura as a supervisor whether in groups or one on one.” –J.H.

Counselling Supervision Sessions

During a supervision session, client files including session notes and treatment plans are reviewed.
The session will consist of one or more of the following:6-Actions-w

  • Review of client session tapes and/or progress notes,
  • Discussion of sessions,
  • Instruction,
  • Modeling,
  • Mutual problem solving, and
  • Role-play

Individual Sessions

One-hour sessions are scheduled as needed. It’s recommended that this be a minimum of once a month to create consistency and build on each month’s experience.

Group Sessions

Sharing thoughts and ideas with like minded professionals in group sessions are a great way to jump start your career as a counsellor. If you would like to join a supervision group, contact us today!

“My supervision experience with Laura Bradley has always been extremely helpful and insightful. Not only does she help me to see the issue from many different angles, her experience and knowledge have always been a huge asset to me and most importantly my clients. I would highly recommend Laura as a supervisor whether in groups or one on one.” –J.H.


Laura provides feedback throughout the supervision process and completes a Supervision Evaluation upon completion of supervision. Core competencies are reviewed in five general areas:

  1. Foundational Principles
  2. Collegial Relationships
  3. Professional Practice and Ethics
  4. Counselling Process
  5. Applied Research

To see all of the criteria used in an evaluation, download the Supervision Evaluation form.

“Laura Bradley is a fantastic supervisor and I have grown as a therapist by having her guidance during client challenges. She is a great problem solver – thinking of issues from all possible angles and offering suggestions and techniques that have proved helpful in my practice. She is creative, ethical, and fun to work with!” –N.G.

Rates & Payment Options

Individual supervision sessions are $150 per hour (incl. GST). Group supervision meetings are two hours and $150 per meeting (incl. GST).

Payment for clinical supervision by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or cash is arranged at the time of the session. Interac e-transfer payments are made prior to the session.


During COVID-19, supervision sessions are 

  • Online via (individual), and
  • Online via Zoom (groups)

Usually, clinical supervision sessions are available

“For me, personal recommendations from existing clients are very ‘telling.’ In this case I am not surprised, as I also recommend Laura to my friends and clients. Her pragmatic nature, humor, wit and keen skill as a therapist create an atmosphere for anyone to roll up their sleeves and access their potential! –Cindi Williams, Global Alignment Coaching/Global Alignment Group

Getting Started

To begin supervision services, first email Laura Bradley to express interest. Then via email,

  • the supervision contract will be signed and shared,
  • payment arrangements will be made, and
  • your first appointment will be booked.

Future supervision appointments, whether in person or online, can be booked by:

“It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Laura Bradley and the supervision that she provides. I have been working for Steadfast Counselling for six months. I am a relatively new counsellor and have found our supervision sessions have supported me immensely. Her guidance has led me to learn a great amount about what my resources as a counsellor are and about my own process in the middle of counselling. Laura has an ability to support and guide, all the while encouraging and directing me. She is clearly skilled, informed and passionate about the work she does and the people she works with.” –K.R.

“Laura’s knowledge of counselling is extensive and founded in deep compassion. She has an acute understanding of the therapeutic process and where therapy can get stuck. While she is generous in sharing her rich and varied therapeutic toolbox for client interventions, she is extremely helpful with issues that inevitably arise in sessions, such as transference and countertransference. She has great suggestions for exercises, resources and interpersonal professional connections that may help sessions become unstuck. Laura understands the therapeutic process, the joys and difficulties of being a therapist, and is always forthright and encouraging. Her supervision is outstanding and highly recommended!” –K.R.