First Session Forms

At your first session you will be asked to fill out two forms.

  • New Client Information form
  • Informed Consent form

The New Client Information form gives the counsellor some general background about you. It also provides some logistical information, such as how to contact you, what information goes on the receipt and when you would generally like to have your counselling sessions.

The Informed Consent form goes over the rights and responsibilities of the counsellor and you, the client.

We have provided these two forms here for you to look over. If you would like to fill them out before your first session, please click on the links to download them and bring a hard copy to your first session.

Your counsellor is happy to have you fill  them out at the time of your first session as well.

1. New Client Intake Form for all counsellors.

2. Informed Consent forms by counsellor: