Wendy Noel — Associate Counsellor

Wendy is currently not accepting new clients.


Wendy’s Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday:  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am – 1:30 pm

Wendy Noel is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (#2036) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada. 

I came to counselling when I was in my early thirties. I was married, had twin sons and a career as an actor in theatre and film. I was struggling with feeling not good enough as a mother or as an actor.  Counselling was like a revolution in my world. To be heard, supported, and understood was new and had immediate positive effects in my relationship with my sons, and in my career. 

I stopped getting counselling, as things were better for a time, though later, new dilemmas surfaced.

I experienced a marriage break up, and this event, though difficult, ultimately brought transformation into my life.

I shifted my career to become a therapist, because I wanted to learn how to love better; myself, my family and my different communities. I enrolled in Clearmind International’s Transpersonal Counselling program in 2004 and graduated in 2007. I worked at the Vancouver Waldorf School in a counselling capacity, implementing a program to address social problems in the school, like bullying. The program was based on a restorative justice model, and I worked with students, parents and teachers. I left in 2011, to open my own practice as a counsellor, and juggled it with acting gigs.

In 2013, I started working for Clearmind International as a facilitator of support groups, and the next year became an Instructor for their counsellor training program. I worked as an instructor for Clearmind for almost 6 years, and left in 2019 because I needed to focus on healing, given a serious cancer diagnosis.

I credit my current “stable” status and recovery to the supportive, loving community and family that surround me and the love that I feel for myself. (Oh, and an awesome medical team!)

What you can expect in my counselling session

I have seen a couple of good counsellors in my fairly long life, and what I valued in those therapists was the relationship of trust and safety that developed.  I felt I could reveal my inner fears, and share events that I had never told anyone about. And in the process, I uncovered negative beliefs about myself that I was carrying.  Beliefs like I am bad, I don’t belong, I am unlovable.  And along with those mistaken beliefs came lots of feelings. Feelings that I was uncomfortable with, but in the caring hands of my therapists, feelings I learned to express, and accept as healthy and what brought deeper connection into my life.

Similarly, this is what I do with clients of mine:

  • create a relationship of trust,
  • listen with an open heart,
  • unearth negative beliefs about self, others, the world,
  • invite the observation of sensations and the correlating feelings whether guilt, shame, fear, anger, sadness, joy, excitement, calm, etc., all are welcome, and
  • support transformation through their innate ability to heal.

I have worked with individuals, couples and children and those struggling with health issues.  I have worked with anxiety, depression, loss, and trauma.

I look forward to meeting with you. 

Education & Professional Development

AEDP Workshops

  • 2020 — A Soul Warriors Journey to Transformation
  • 2018 — Transforming Trauma through Fierce Love
  • 2016 — AEDP Introduction

2019 — The Art of Couples Therapy

2012-2018  — Interpersonal Neurobiology, Family Constellation, and Non-Violent Communication training (NVC) with Sarah Peyton and Mika Maniwa

2010-2011 — NVC training with Penny Wassman and Rachelle Lamb

2008 — NVC training with Robert Gonzales and Susan Skye

2007 — Graduate of 3-year Counsellor training program from Clearmind International

2007 — Antioch University — Waldorf School Counsellor Training- training to implement a Social Inclusion Program in Vancouver Waldorf School

1978 — Graduate of Theatre Arts Program — Studio 58 at Langara College

1975 — Graduate of Handsworth High School, North Vancouver