Kayla Law – Intern Counsellor

What you can expect when working with Kayla is to be guided through processes and to be taught different tools in order to not just react to life as it happens, but to really experience it, and to be able to tap into your own inner resources. We all have a need for connection and belonging, and the processes Kayla takes her clients through allows them to start connecting to themselves again and also to connect to those around them. Building up the ability to communicate in relationships is one of the biggest tools we can learn. Her goal is to help every client experience their authentic self, through all the ups and downs that life throws their way.

Through her training with Clearmind International, she will receive her diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology in December 2018. In her practice, she combines experiential intervention, Bowen theory, family systems theory, and Gestalt method to help her clients access their feelings and beliefs.

Kayla’s connection to herself is what has kept her going through the many ups and downs of life. She struggled with major anxiety and a lack of self-confidence that stopped her from moving forward in life. She has been doing her own personal work for over 15 years, building up the connection to herself and trusting herself. Over those 15 years, she has learned that through vulnerability we can heal our deepest wounds and that every single human being just wants connection. From these experiences she brings compassion, a wealth of knowledge, and a whole lot of understanding for supporting others to step into their true self.