Kayla Law – Associate Counselor

Kayla is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC 2519) with the Association for Cooperative Counselling Therapist of Canada (ACCT).

When clients come to see Kayla for the first time they can expect to be greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere where they can start to unravel the feelings and events in their life that brought them here. Knowing that their confidentiality is assured as they start to go into the therapeutic process together with Kayla.

As you work with Kayla you can expect to be supported and heard in the place you are with compassion and understanding. With your commitment to yourself and to the collaborative benefits of counselling Kayla will offer different exercises for you to do during sessions and exercises for homework.

Tapping into your own inner resources can be extremely powerful and sticky at the same time. During your time with Kayla she will help you take one step at a time in learning how to connect with yourself as well as connecting with your loved ones. Whether you are seeking individual counselling or if you are seeking couples counselling to support you both to come together after finding out about an affair, or working on creating better lines of communication Kayla can help support you one step at a time. Everyone at some point needs a place to bring their emotions, feelings and have someone hear them maybe for the first time.

She graduated in June of 2018 from Clearmind International and became a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with the ACCT in January 2019. In her practice she combines experiential intervention, Bowen theory, family systems theory, and Gestalt method to help her clients access their feelings and beliefs. As well as her continued striving for learning more about the human process, and new ways of supporting her clients.

Kayla’s connection to herself is what has kept her going through the many ups and downs of life. She struggled with major anxiety and a lack of self-confidence that stopped her from moving forward in life. She has been doing her own personal work for over 15 years, building up the connection to herself and trusting herself has been one of her biggest teachers. Over those 15 years, she has learned that through vulnerability we can heal our deepest wounds and that every single human being just wants connection. From these experiences she brings compassion, a wealth of knowledge, and a whole lot of understanding for supporting others to step into their true self. As well as a huge amount of creativity and willingness to step into her clients lives to help support them as they move through the peaks and valleys of life.