Kayla Law – Associate Counselor

Kayla's Office Hours
Vancouver: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 
North Vancouver: Thursday
New Westminster: Wednesday, Saturday
Online: Varies

Kayla Law is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC #2519) with the Association for Cooperative Counselling Therapist of Canada (ACCT). She graduated from Clearmind International and received a diploma in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling.

When clients come to see Kayla for the first time they can expect to be greeted with a warm and welcoming atmosphere where they can start to unravel the feelings and events of their life. Knowing that their confidentiality is assured they can begin to dig into the therapeutic process. Whether you are seeking individual counselling or if you are seeking couples counselling Kayla can help support you in a collaborative and integrative approach.

During your time with Kayla she will help you take one step at a time in learning how to connect with yourself as well as connecting with your loved ones. Her varied life experiences over the past 10 years bring a wealth of transferable skills from working with youth struggling with addictions and eating disorders in Costa Rica, to working with people of all ages struggling with loss, depression, anxiety and relationships struggles. Working with couples through difficult life transitions, conflict resolution and building stronger communication skills is something Kayla takes great pride in. Sometimes all we need is a third party on the outside looking in to help work through and see our relationship cycles in order to transform our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

You can expect to be supported and heard in the place you are with compassion and understanding. With your commitment to yourself and to the benefits of counselling Kayla will help support you to walk through your feelings as well as past experiences to gain a new understanding and a different perspective on your life. These approaches include but are not limited to experiential intervention, Bowen Theory, Family Systems Theory and Gestalt method.

Kayla has been doing her own personal work for over 15 years, building up the connection to herself and trusting herself has been one of her biggest teachers. Over those 15 years, she has learned that through vulnerability we can heal our deepest wounds and that every single human being just wants connection. From these experiences she brings compassion, a wealth of knowledge, and a whole lot of understanding for supporting others to step into their true self. As well as a huge amount of creativity and willingness to step into her clients lives to help support them as they move through the peaks and valleys of life.


“When I first went to see Kayla at Steadfast Counseling I was hesitant – I hadn’t had the best experiences with other mental health practitioners and I wasn’t certain that my own anxiety really warranted counseling. I am so glad that I went and I can’t recommend her enough.

Kayla is naturally empathic, open-minded and easy to connect with. Sessions are never formulaic or impersonal. She is insightful and well rounded, offering different approaches and perspectives that meet me where I’m at on a given day. I connect well with plants and nature and she never fails to forget this – offering plant metaphors or encouraging me to include time spent in the forest as part of my self-care routine.

Our sessions have provided me with a safe space to express myself (especially that which is most difficult for me to express in the day to day) and helped me to find more clarity and contentment in my life. I’m so grateful to have found Kayla. She’s a great counselor and a true healer.” — Emily


  • Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy — July 2019
  • AEDP for Couples Hybrid Essential Skills Course 2019 — June 2019
  • Introduction to EFT with Couples workshop  — May 2019
  • AEDP for Couples: Transforming Relationships through Healing
    Relational Deprivation and Trauma – David Mars — February 2019
  • Diploma in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling,  Clearmind International — 2018
  • 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (Prana Yoga Teachers College + Vancouver School of Yoga) — 2011
  • 1000 hour Spa Therapy and Holistic Massage, Langara College — 2012
  • Volunteer Counsellor at a Healing Center, Costa Rica (Choose Again) — 2009-2011