Julie Hughes – Senior Associate Counselor

Julie is currently not accepting new clients.


Julie’s Office Hours

Currently, most client sessions with Julie are online, with in-person sessions available on a limited basis.
Online: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
In-person: North Vancouver office every other Monday

Julie has been counselling individuals and couples for over 10 years and is a Registered Professional Counsellor (#3065) with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. Julie holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa as well as having completed a 3 year counselling program with Clearmind International Institute.  Currently, she is working on obtaining her Certificate in Somatic Experiencing which is a body-oriented approach to the healing of Trauma and other Stress Disorders. As part of her continuing efforts in professional development she has also completed many hours of education in the areas of relationship counselling, trauma, anxiety/depression, and grief (including Climate Grief).

As a therapist, Julie offers a multifaceted approach involving techniques learned in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and individuals), AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy), Bowen Family Systems Theory and Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine’s multidisciplinary approach to healing trauma). She has immersed herself in the study of Stephen Jenkinson and his teachings on grief, aging and the reclaiming culture and community.

Julie has a way of immediately putting people at ease and exudes a warm and friendly demeanour. An initial session will involve assessing the issues that bring you to therapy, defining your goals for therapy, and looking at the behaviours, past experiences, family history, or relationship dynamics that may be contributing to your current dilemma. Clients often feel immediate relief after an initial session with Julie.

Julie’s gentle, but directive approach has helped many couples and individuals overcome hardship and find more ease and harmony in their lives and relationships. Your time with Julie will help you feel resourceful, empowered and more equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

What others have said:

I noticed positive changes in my life and how I was feeling shortly after starting counselling with Julie, and that improvement continues to grow as a result of working with her. She’s professional, compassionate and genuinely cares. Julie always listens with an open mind and an open heart and has so much valuable knowledge, experience and insight to share with me. Every session with her is a true gift.”

“Julie saved our marriage. She helped my husband and I work through the crisis of infidelity in a gentle, caring and understanding way – for both partners”

Julie has helped me see potential in myself that I wasn’t able to see before, and she’s given me clear and practical steps to achieving that potential while being there to guide and support me through it at every step”

Julie is a dedicated and professional practitioner, offering honest opinions with genuine understanding. Having worked with her in the past, I consider her a strong personality (worthy of offering support to those who are really going through a tough time) she is a resource when I am personally in need of help & a trusted therapist.”


Outside of Julie’s academic learning, her approach to therapy comes from having lived through her own set of personal life challenges. With the loss of her mother when she was 28 years old she was faced with an incredible amount of grief. In the process she was also studying to become a counsellor and had the support of 20+ other counselling students and a faculty of teachers. Throughout that difficult period she learned the importance of relying on community to help support you through life’s difficult transitions. In spite of it being one of the most difficult experiences in her life, she was also able to experience the pure joy that comes from connecting vulnerably with others and relying on them for support. She did not have to face the journey of loss alone and that made all the difference.

Julie’s passion really lies in relationships. When working with clients who are struggling in their personal relationships she has an acute sense of being able to assess the dysfunctional patterns right away. After 10 years of working with couples there is very little that she has not dealt with. With couples she is confident that if you are willing to be curious about yourself and your partner, and put the work in, you will experience almost immediate benefits even after the initial session. One of the things Julie does best is to shift your perspective around the actual root cause of the problem. To shed light on what can feel like a sometimes hopeless situation and to help engage you with a feeling of resourcefulness and emotional security within a relationship. Where you and your partner can rise to the challenge of working towards a solution rather then feeling stuck in the problem.

Continuing Education & Professional Registration

  • Somatic Experiencing Training: Body-oriented approach to healing Trauma and Stress Disorders, by Dr. Peter Levine. Kelowna, BC, February 2020
  • Come of Age: Meditations from the World Tree Withered, with Stephen Jenkinson, MSW, Hollyhock, Cortes Island, August 2019
  • AEDP for Couples: Transforming Relationships through Healing Relational Deprivation and Trauma with David Mars, Vancouver, February 2019
  • AEDP Transforming Trauma through Fierce Love with SueAnne Piliero, November 2018
  • Die Wise: Making Meaning. A Manifesto for Sanity and the Soul, with Stephen Jenkinson, MSW, Vancouver, November 2017
  • AEDP for Couples: Find Love Hidden in the Everyday: A Case that Inspires Building Bridges between AEDP and EFT with David Mars, Ph.D., May 2013
  • Introduction to Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, Vancouver Couples and Family Institute with RIchard Harrison, Ph.D. Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor and Kristine Rea, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor and EFT Therapist, April 2013.
  • Remembering Conversations with the Dying and Bereaved, The Vancouver School for Narative Therapy, workshop with Lorraine Hedtke MSW, LCSW, Ph.D. (March 2013)
  • Healing and Treating, Trauma Addictions and Related Disorders — Workshop with David Burns (Sept 2011)
  • Re-Evaluation Counselling — Training, Classes. Vancouver (2012)
  • University of Ottawa – Bachelor of Social Science — Degree in Psychology / Sociology (2004)
  • Mariannopolis CEGEP – Social Science Program – Major in Psychology (2000)