Jennifer Harder – Associate Counselor

Currently, Jennifer is not accepting new clients.


Jennifer’s Office Hours

Generally, all client sessions are online; however, Jennifer has a limited number of in-person sessions available on request.
Online: Tuesday, Thursday
In-Person: Vancouver and New Westminster offices

Jennifer is a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC#3164) with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA). She is a graduate of Clearmind International Institute with a diploma in Transpersonal Psychology.

Jennifer is highly intuitive and has extensive knowledge of the human body. She uses cognitive skill, emotional intelligence and somatic awareness to help individuals fully embrace their struggle, in order to heal and grow.

Her journey into counselling came out of relationship crisis followed by a deep depression. She had lost her partner and was navigating the wavy waters of separation. At the same time, she experienced grief and transition due to the unexpected and untimely death of her stepmother. In embracing the pain of these circumstances and the recognition of abandonment issues from childhood, she was propelled into self growth and healing.

Prior to and during becoming a therapist, Jennifer had a vibrant and exciting career in Aviation. With more than 22 years of Flight Attendant experience, she occasionally uses this knowledge, to compassionately help those clients who may struggle with anxiety due to a fear of flying.

The therapeutic modalities she practices from are: Bowen Family Systems Theory, Neuroscience (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Gestalt Therapy, Transpersonal Perspective, Constellations and Somatic awareness.

Treatment Theory

I believe that we are mind, body and spirit. Deep emotional pain can push us to our “edge.” On this edge our bodies, our minds and our spirits desire reprieve and connection. The process of healing can often feel like an overwhelming and tender time. I offer a loving, compassionate and safe space for clients to explore this scary or unknown territory.

A Course in Miracles states “We are never upset for the reason we think.” I believe this means that there is something bigger going on under our upset. I am both a solid and gentle companion in those often, fragile places. I come to my practice with a multitude of experiences in life, family and education that have tested my capacity for presence, growth and awareness.

My goal is to provide a safe, loving and even creative environment for my clients. I am here to support them in any struggle, to gain hope and clarity in order to live a happier, more fulfilled life

Education and Professional Development

  • Registered Professional Counsellor RPC #3164
  • Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology (Clearmind International Institute) 2012
  • University of Saskatchewan (Kinesiology)
  • University of Concordia (Contemporary Dance)
  • Perinatal and Post Partum Depression (Richmond Hospital) 2013
  • Pure Energy Level 1 (Tasha Simms) 2014
  • Relationship Boundaries Level 1,2,3 (Magicore) 2016
  • Co-Parenting Stronger (Workshop by John Paul Boyd) 2017
  • EFT (Emotional Focus Therapy for Couples) 2017
  • AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) 2018
  • Suicide Ideation and Prevention Training (2019)
  • Constellations, Experiential Training (Magicore) 2019/2020