Connie Pickett – Associate Counselor

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Connie’s Office Hours

Sessions with Connie are Downtown and Online
Tuesday: 8:00am – 12:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm (starting September 1st)

Connie Pickett is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC #3033) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT) and an International Coaching Federation accredited & certified Life Coach.

As a trauma-informed counsellor I’m passionate about working collaboratively with you using a holistic approach – taking into consideration not only your emotional health but how it impacts your physical and mental well-being, too.

I realize reaching out for support isn’t easy. I know it wasn’t for me. I had the “I can do it myself” mentality for most of my life.  I’ve since learned, people need connection to heal and thrive. That’s why I focus on building trust and connection with my clients so they feel safe to be vulnerable. With a warm, compassionate and intuitive style, I allow clients to be fully seen, heard and supported with tools and strategies to continue the work outside of sessions.

Before becoming a professional counsellor, I’ve walked a lot of paths, and have grown and changed from each one. From experiencing loss/grief – losing loved ones at a young age, experiencing divorce, and coping with a parent with addiction. Then changing careers (several times) and becoming a busy mom of 3 and being faced with a cancer diagnosis – not once, but twice.  I know how stressful, mentally and physically overwhelming it all can be and the toll it can take on the ones you love.     

That’s why I moved into the helping profession. Life transitions can be very lonely (even when you’re surrounded by the ones you love). I believe no one should have to navigate through life’s challenges alone.  Through non-judgemental conversation I’ll help promote positive shifts and experiences for you.

My Approach

I work with youth and adults where I focus on grief, loss, anxiety, and stress (including PTSD) which may be a result from a medical diagnosis like cancer, from unexpected life transitions such as divorce or early childhood experiences.  I use a values-based, person-centered approach that helps clients understand how their past attachments & beliefs influence them today.  I don’t believe there’s one-size fits all counselling, so I may use one or several parts of different therapies based on my client’s needs, with modalities such as ACT, CBT, Narrative, and Mindfulness, while incorporating Somatic as well as Solution Focused Brief Therapy. 

Having done my own work, and accomplished post traumatic growth, I truly understand first-hand how hard this journey is to try and accomplish this growth alone – it takes a village, and the right counsellor connection.

I bring you my vast array of business and personal life experiences, as well as my training, an ongoing love of learning, and a passion for connection, to truly understand what you may be going through.

Let’s get the conversation started, I’m here to help.

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Education & Certifications

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Certificate with Dr. Erik Gentry 2022
  • Brainspotting with David Grand, Ph.D.: The Brain-Body Based Therapy for Treating Trauma Certificate 2022
  • Rhodes Wellness College Professional Counsellor Diploma 2022
  • Rhodes Wellness College Wellness Counsellor Certificate 2021
  • Rhodes Wellness College Certified Life Coaching Certificate 2020
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy Certificate 2020
  • Yale University’s The Science of Well-being Certificate 2020
  • University of British Columbia National Voice Intensive Program  2000
  • BCIT Marketing & Communications Management Diploma 1993