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Meet our registered professional counselors. We are here, ready to help and support you.

Laura Bradley

Clinical Director and Therapist 
Master Therapeutic Counsellor and Registered Counselling Supervisor #2022
Laura Bradley is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapist of Canada and a Certified Group Facilitator.

Laura has worked in the field since 1993 and she possesses a wealth of experience working with Couples, individuals, and families in the areas of communication, intimacy and depression.
Since 2004, Laura has been teaching two levels of Practitioner training, a three-year counselling training program with Clearmind International. She has developed and facilitated personal growth workshops and has considerable experience facilitating group work. Read Full Bio

Julie Hughes

Senior Associate Counselor
Registered Professional Counsellor #3065
Julie is a Registered Professional Counsellor with over five years of professional experience and she is a member with the C.P.C.A (Canadian Professional Counselors Association). Julie completed her diploma in Transpersonal Psychology and is also a graduate from the University of Ottawa with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. With a passion for psychology Julie works with individuals, couples and teens to help people deal with life’s struggles by offering support and experience in the areas of communication issues, conflict resolution, addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, and relationship counselling. Julie brings with her a compassionate heart, an inquisitive mind and deep insight and understanding. Read Full Bio

Anna Guest

Associate Counselor
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor #2153

Anna is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC #2153) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT). Anna holds a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology from Clearmind International Institute, as well as a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

Anna approaches counselling with compassion, thoughtfulness, intuition and a deep desire to create a safe and caring environment for her clients where they can explore their inner world, their thoughts, and their feelings. Read Full Bio

Patrick McGill

Associate Counselor
Registered Professional Counsellor #2490
Patrick McGill is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (ACCT). Registration number 2490. He is a graduate of Clearmind International Institute with a diploma in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling.

Patrick has an open heart, compassion and inquisitive mind in counselling in identifying were the struggles in our life arise, to help identify those areas, those patterns and dynamics that show up in our life, were we get stuck, stuck on that loop, that don’t allow ourselves to live our life to the fullest. Read Full Bio

Jennifer Harder

Associate Counselor
Registered Professional Counsellor #3164
Jennifer is a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC 3164) with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA). She holds a diploma in Transpersonal Psychology and has studied at both the University of Saskatchewan (Kinesiology) as well as Concordia University in Montreal.

Jenn has an inquisitive mind and an open heart. She uses her gifts of empathy and intuition to work with individuals as well as couples, aiding them to fully embrace their struggle, be witnessed in it, and to obtain new information, growth and healing. She also aids individuals in dealing with grief and loss.

Jenn’s journey into counselling came out of a relationship crisis and a deep depression that was accompanied by the loss of her stepmother to a sudden and catastrophic brain aneurism. In embracing the pain of these circumstances, and in recognizing her own childhood abandonment issues, she was propelled into self-growth, healing and awakening. Read Full Bio

Ross Dixon

Associate Counsellor
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor #2266

Ross is registered therapeutic counsellor (RTC) with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada, (#2266). Ross holds a diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology from Clearmind International Institute, as well as a Bachelor of Environmental Science from Manchester University and Master of Science from Liverpool John Moores University.

Ross has worked as an assistant instructor at the Clearmind Institute from 2013-2018 and co-facilitates a Men’s Group for Clearmind, an emotional support for men focused on the principles of emotional responsibility. Read full bio.

Kayla Law

Intern Counselor
What you can expect when working with Kayla is to be guided through processes and to be taught different tools in order to not just react to life as it happens, but to really experience it, and to be able to tap into your own inner resources. We all have a need for connection and belonging, and the processes Kayla takes her clients through allows them to start connecting to themselves again and also to connect to those around them. Building up the ability to communicate in relationships is one of the biggest tools we can learn. Her goal is to help every client experience their authentic self, through all the ups and downs that life throws their way. Read full bio.