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Laura Bradley Counselling Vancouver

Laura Bradley

Clinical Director and TherapistRead Full Bio


I have known Laura Bradley for a little over 5 years, first as a teacher and then as my counsellor. I discovered very quickly what an amazing woman Laura is, as a human being and as a counsellor. She can be trusted on every level. She helped me through a very painful personal situation that could have torn my family apart. With her care, compassion and ability to guide a person through crisis by entering their world without any judgement, she helped me to find the resources to walk through my pain instead of staying stuck in it. She never gave up on me even when I felt I had given up on myself! She truly cares about people and their struggles; she shows patience, curiosity and empathy. She is bright and very aware of people needs and in the midst of all of it; she can also bring great deal of humour.


Laura coached me through a very difficult time in my life. I was overwhelmed about how to make the transitions necessary at that time and I didn't know where to begin. Her gentle and caring personality helped me get in touch with emotions that I was afraid to look at and now feel that I have been offered a new way of thinking, and dealing with situations in my life. She helped me assess my talents and strengths and provided a strategic structure to help me make a positive new change in my life. I emerged from the process with a stronger sense of who I am, what I want to achieve and what I have to offer the world that is compatible with my values. Laura's calm and confident manner is very relaxing. I always feel refreshed and rejuvenated after each contact. My mind, body and spirit have been opened up and I credit this to Laura's positive reinforcement of the greater possibilities in this world.


Laura Bradley has been our counselor for three years and I cannot speak highly enough of her. She is compassionate and insightful, and she creates a safe space essential to the process of personal transformation.

Laura is profoundly intuitive and seems to ask the right questions at the right time. While she is capable of taking us out of our comfort zones in order that we may face our issues directly she is respectful of boundaries and is willing to wait with us until we can gather courage to take the next step.

I would recommend Laura to anyone seeking personal development and relationship counseling; she is one of those rare people whose energy makes the world seem instantly a better place.
K and K R

I have known Laura for three years. She has been both a teacher and personal counselor to me during this time. In the counseling capacity, I met Laura when I was struggling through a very difficult relationship situation that was considerably impacting my ability to live my life to its fullest. I found Laura to be an outstanding listener, understanding and caring even when I felt extremely disgusted by my own state of affairs; she made me believe that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am constantly amazed at her capacity to truly care about the personal struggles that are presented to her by the students in our class and the way she approaches from a place of genuine curiosity for another’s life experience. She displays the same qualities that make her a great personal counselor in a group dynamic.

I find Laura has the ability to access that inner part of me that believes in “me” and bring it forth. She asks just the right questions to make me look at myself and come to some new realization or access an inner strength that had always been within me. She always does this with compassion, caring and a great sense of humor too! She has motivated me to keep going in my schooling and motivated me to deal with my life situation in a healthier way. She has kept me on track at times when I myself forgot what my “track” actually was.


I coach a variety of psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists in Canada on how to create a healthy private practice business. Laura has dual assets in people/therapeutic skill matched with a business background which has afforded her a successful private practice. Evidence of such can be found in her long term alliances with companies and a long list of happy clients that refer their families and friends to her. For me, personal recommendations from existing clients are very “telling”. In this case I am not surprised as I also recommend Laura to my friends and clients. Her pragmatic nature, humor, whit and keen skill as a therapist create an atmosphere for anyone to roll up their sleeves and access their potential!
Cindi Williams – Global Alignment Coaching/Global Alignment Group


Laura is an excellent communicator, counselor, she is easy to work with combining knowledge, skill and passion.
Lisa de Lusignan


I cannot begin to express the full impact that having Laura's professionalism, guidance and support have had on my life.

I began to see Laura for guidance regarding a relationship and my personal struggles, and what I found was solid, genuine and trustworthy source of support. Her loving and creative methods have guided my personal growth and awareness in ways that I had sought for years yet had never been able to find in books or with other therapists.

I highly recommend Laura as a very talented and skilled therapeutic counsellor.
Laura Huhn


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Laura Bradley Counselling Vancouver

Christina Bianchini

Associate TherapistRead Full Bio


Before I came to Steadfast Counseling and met Christina, I was suffering from depression and an identity crisis. It was a big step for me to admit I needed help and seek counseling but Christina made the process painless. I felt an instant connection to her and I knew that she completely understood what I was going through. That instant connection allowed me to open up to her and as a result, she has helped me tremendously. Since I started counseling 8 months ago, I feel like a completely different person and that my life has changed in so many ways. There is now a bright future ahead of me because of Christina and I know she has made a huge impact on my life. I couldn't have done it alone and she was there for me every step of the way!!
L.M., Delta, BC


Tackling depression on my own for over ten years, on and off different medication, wasn’t affective for me so I felt I had no choice but to at least try counseling. I was skeptical about counseling before I went, but I was tired of repeating the same patterns that always left me frustrated and disappointed with the results. Christina’s approach quickly erased any skepticism I had, and I started to see progress very quickly. What worked for me (the skeptic) was her ability to be methodical at times while still maintaining a feel of fluidity and openness. She sets achievable goals but never loses sight of the big picture and what I want to get from our sessions. I find her very sincere and caring while being both professional and easygoing. I never feel pressure to go beyond my comfort level unless I’m ready. I feel I have joy in my life and control over the events that happen to me as well as my reactions to them. I wouldn’t have had such success if not for Christina. Thank you Christina!
B.A.S., New Westminster, BC


My partner and I have been successfully working with Christina for many months. When we first came to counseling, our relationship was hanging together by a single thread. I thought we communicated well, until my partner suddenly told me "I don't want to get married, and I don't know if we should be in a relationship anymore". As hurtful as this was to hear, I knew we needed help and that couldn't solve our communication problems on our own.

Christina taught us so many things. We had a mirror looking into us showing us that even though our actions and words may be hurtful, there is a compassionate and logical explanation for all behaviors. By exploring our past history and family dynamics, I gained insight into our destructive communication patterns. I learned to have greater empathy for myself through Christina's caring and insightful questions, and am therefore better equipped to be more empathic with others, my partner included. She helped us create dialogue in a way that allowed us to truly hear the other person.

Christina is an extremely caring and compassionate therapist. Through all the tears and hard work we went through, I can say with confidence that our relationship has evolved as we have reached a new level of communication necessary for a lifetime partnership. We are back on the path to heading down the aisle!

Thank you so much Christina!
T.C., Surrey, BC


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