Couples Therapy

Being in a relationship can be rewarding and challenging. When we’re feeling challenged in our relationship we often turn away from our partners. We tend to override our natural tendency to move toward each other and shut our partners out as a means of protection. Steadfast’s counselors can show you how to address issues from the past and build trust and connections for the future.

Whether you’re in the early stages of your relationship and or have been married for years and are looking for guidance, our counsellors are trained experts in supporting relationship development. We work to support each individual on their own as well as both partners together to work on collaboration and cohesiveness in the relationship.

The areas of focus that we offer are:

Emotionally-Focused Therapy 

Many couples find themselves stuck, trying unsuccessfully to deal with ongoing negative emotions and communication patterns dominated by conflict. Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples rebuilds the loving connection between two people. This method was developed in the mid-80s as a short-term strategy for helping couples get back on track quickly, and many have had excellent results with EFT, and have come to better understand the issues both past and present impacting their relationship. If you and your partner’s attempts to address your issues just aren’t working, EFT can help you regain trust, improve communication, and create a positive, shared sense of purpose within your relationship.

Couples & Marriage Counselling

We can help you navigate your way through your relationship struggles and impasses so you both can create a more fulfilling, passionate and sustainable relationship. Our team of specialized relationship counsellors are highly trained in the latest methods and techniques and look forward to helping you build the relationship that works best for you. More information. See more at:

Separation and Divorce Counselling

For couples that have made the hard decision to split up, counselling can make the process less confrontational and hurtful. For couples with children, a respectful, amicable break-up is even more important. Steadfast’s counsellors can work with you and your ex together or individually, so that you can make it through this painful and upsetting stage of your life in as positive a manner as possible.