Grief and Grieving: Lessons in Loss
May 7, 2017
By: Kevin Rose

Life is synonymous with loss. Losses are part of life; in every moment something is shifting, being born, and passing away. We understand this philosophically, on an intellectual level, yet when we experience a deep loss we are suddenly faced with powerful, … Read the rest

Taking ACTION to BE Happy
March 28, 2017
By: Laura Bradley

Last week was ACT Happy Week – the idea being that conscious ACTIONS lead to chemical shifts resulting in more happiness. For added emphasis we tweaked the name of the week a bit and called it ACT (Be) Happy Week. For us, … Read the rest

Why Do We Love Our Dogs So Much?
February 20, 2017
By: Katrina Rose

our dogs love usBesides the fact that they are soft and cuddly, goofy, funny, smart, loyal and loving…

Dogs have cracked the code.  Dogs have an amazing ability to activate in humans the same biochemical response that enhances bonding between mothers and newborn babies.

When … Read the rest

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