Alexa Gelles – Associate Counselor


Alexa GellesAlexa Gelles is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC #13309) who specializes in relationships, couples, and trauma. Her mission is to bring healing and transformation to individuals and couples.

Alexa received an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of British Columbia and a Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. Her graduate research focused on the benefits and experience of attending couples counselling prior to marriage.

Alexa has a broad understanding of intimate partner violence from her training and experience providing crisis intervention and support to female victims of abuse and violence at Battered Women’s Support Services.

In addition to helping individuals and couples dealing with relationship struggles and trauma, Alexa works with a variety of issues including stress and anxiety, grief and loss, depression, parenting issues, and life transitions. She also has extensive experience facilitating groups to women, couples and parents in Greater Vancouver.

Therapeutic Approach

My journey into counselling grew from a strong desire to better understand the innermost workings of human nature and close relationships. Beginning at an early age, I struggled with romantic relationships and the challenges that grew out of these relationships. In order to improve my own relationships, I endeavored to learn the ins-and-outs of romantic interactions by reading extensively on the topic and seeking my own relationship counselling. As a result, I got to learn about the impacts of trauma in the context of intimate relationships. This process not only helped me learn more about myself, but perhaps more importantly, about others facing similar struggles. Today, I can appreciate how my past wounds have contributed to my lifework, in that I am now able to help others in ways that I was able to help myself.

My practice is centered on the belief that individuals are the experts of their own lives. I am of the belief that all individuals have a natural tendency to evolve and grow. As such, I believe that all individuals have the ability to access their inner strengths and resources to improve their own lives. My goal as a counsellor is to help empower individuals and couples to transform their lives. My passion lies in helping individuals and couples to better cope with life challenges, to have better relationships and to lead more balanced and fulfilling lives.


  • Gottman Couples Therapy: Level 1 & 2 Training, The Gottman Institute (October 2013-2014)
  • Introduction to Emotion Focused Therapy Workshop, Vancouver Couple & Family Institute and Centre for EFT Training (May 2014)
  • The Fundamentals of Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Inward Bound Counselling & Focusing Training (September 2015)
  • Dreams and Dream Interpretation in Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Alfred Adler Institute (September 2015)
  • Treating Affairs & Trauma: Helping Couples Heal and Rebuild Trust, The Gottman Institute (October 2016)